What flooring services can you find at FlooringDomain?


Flooring supply 

We present one of the best flooring supply companies and retail shops to you. This is a list of professionals ready to assist you in choosing the right option for your home or office. These leading experts not only sell the material but can also consult you and answer any questions you might have regarding your project and covering options. Most of them gained years of experience in the industry, and can help you plan your project, choose material and installation type to fit your needs, budget, and property conditions. Most supply companies come to you with samples of floor covering options to help you choose the best style for your space. Connect with your local supply company the get your flooring project started.


Flooring Installation

None of the flooring projects stays away from the installation service. You found the preferred floor covering, this is exciting. Now you need someone to install it. Floor installation is not that easy as many think t is. It takes a lot of experience to fit it right, and when we say right, we mean it. The first and most important rule is flooring installation must be performed by a professional installer, to keep Flooring material WARRANTY. This is not mentioning installation must be done with floor preparation, correct layout, expansion gaps prediction, and neat finishing.


Flooring care and maintenance

Good flooring can cost thousands of dollars. It is a big investment in any real estate place. You found what you liked and manage to find a skilled contractor to install floor covering professionally. The most asked question we heart was: How do I clean and look after my new floor from now on? There are many options on a table. You can source cleaning and maintenance products recommended by a material manufacturer, from and do the regular routine to keep your floor in good shape, clean and shiny. Some floors and tasks still, however, would require more professional attention. The best way to maintain your coverage and keep it in good condition is to consult with floor cleaning and maintenance companies, who can advise you on the right cleaning products or offer professional services.


Flooring repair

Nevertheless, every flooring can break and get damaged in time, by general usage, water, pets, or other causes. The flooring repair contractors are the first point of contact to discuss if damages can be fixed or replacement is necessary. Every professional flooring repair contractor can determine the best possible flooring repair scope and come up with a less cost-effective solution. Regardless of what the damage is, do talk to repair companies and discuss options on how to renew your floor covering a less inconvenient way. 

Flooring types

When you are planning or searching for a new floor covering, it is not so simple to decide what you want to install in your home or office. All floor covering materials offer a variety of options, and most of the time, consumers can be confused about the best option. You must consider several points when choosing future flooring, location and environment, material durability, style, method of installation, and prices.

Plan your budget, shop around, pick a few options you would like for your property. Talk to local suppliers and installers, see if this flooring option can be good for your place and environment. Check what installation method is the best for each material. Make a decision for the most suitable flooring, and get your project started.

FlooringDomain helps you to get a quick idea on the most common flooring types available in Australia.

Laminate flooring


What is a laminate boards?

Laminate flooring has been offered as a floor covering for many years and proven to be an excellent choice for all properties. This day the technology improved dramatically from when this product first came out to the market. Nowadays, you can find water-resistant laminate, waterproof laminate, and even fireproof laminate flooring. 

Basically, laminate boards made of high-density fibreboard with a print top layer, mimicking natural timber. Each board finished with several robust protective resin coats allowing to use laminate floorboards in domestic and commercial properties in high traffic areas. Quality laminate flooring is one of the most extremely durable and scratch-resistant material. 

A good quality laminate flooring usually comes with 20 to 25years warranty. Just make sure to check manufacturer warranty conditions, most of them will require professional installation to keep this warranty in place.   


Why laminate is a good floorcovering?

The advantage of laminate floors is it offers a huge range of different styles. You will be able to find almost all available wood species in laminate boards design. The finishing comes with options, as a flat, smooth glossy finishing, or a wood feeling finishing, mimicking timber grains.    

Laminate boards sizes?

The other benefit of laminate boars is it offers a comprehensive board size selection. The average standard size for laminate board approximately 1200mm x 190mm, where it can go to 2.4m long and 24cm wide. There are many other dimensions in the middle and over this size example.

Different laminate brands will offer different size options. Even more, these days you can find a laminate style with chevron or even herringbone installation option. 


Cleaning laminate boards

Laminate is easy to keep in good condition. A regular sweeping with a broom or microfiber mop, and occasional vacuum and wash with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep it in good clean conditions.

You could go step up and use wax to keep UV protection and shines


Laminate flooring installation

Laminate flooring is not difficult to install. It has a click-lock system, and most of the cases being laid as a floating floor over the underlays.

This product requires expansion gaps, as it is contracting and expanding in seasons. Therefore, it needs to be finished with skirting boards or scotia beadings to cover those expansion gaps. 

Laminate flooring can be installed in most of the home and office areas, but avoid wet areas, such as bathrooms. Take extra caution with laundry and toilet areas, a water-resistant or waterproof laminate can be an option for here.


Is laminate boards a good choice?

Overall, all laminate is a great option with many styles and sizes that suit any home or commercial space flooring. Laminate is a durable and robust material, with options and prices to suit anyone, after all, this is just a good proven flooring option.

Timber flooring


Timber flooring one of the oldest floor covering options available on the market. It offers various styles of wood species and brings beautiful natural choices to suit almost any room. The timber floorboards are made from wood. It comes in different shapes and sizes, also given options for many custom designs.


One of the best things about timber floors is that you have access to a wide range of styles, choosing from different wood species. There are many species sold in Australia, these are just a few examples.


Timber flooring species and design:


  • Spotted gum
  • Jarrah
  • Blackbutt
  • Australian Beech
  • Brushbox
  • Forest Reds
  • Ironbark
  • Red Mahogany
  • Sydney Blue gum
  • Pine
  • Oak


Apart from natural looks, the timber can be stained in an excessive range of colors. That provides extra value to any space design and personal consumer preferences.

Solid timber serves a lifetime if looked after properly. It also can be used as a structural material in house construction. One of the great things about this floor covering type is it can be installed in many shapes and designs as parquetry, chevron, or herringbone pattern.


Timber flooring sizes


The floorboards come in different sizes and thickness depending on type and species and, of course, manufacture. These days you can find it challenging to find exact matching for old houses timber flooring when renovating old properties. But the good thing is it is timber, and it always can be custom made to fit and match any size.

Wood boars can be installed in several ways. The very old method is to nail it down. This is an old type and not used this day a lot, but mostly to match existing design, a renovation, for example. The modern types are secret nails or glue down methods. This allows the wood surface to stay clean. As any material timber has a lot of movement I seasons, this particular type of flooring must be left for professionals to install, especially when it comes to structural installation. A licensed contractor should take the job.


Timber flooring prices

The prices for timber flooring, possibly the most expensive along with other floor covering options. In average you should be prepared to pay $80 to $110 per square metre for material and approximately from $40 to $70 per m2 for installation, depending on installation method and timber design. But it makes sense when you understand what involves in getting it done.


Wooded floor installation and maintenance 

Timber flooring supplied and installed as raw material and requires floor sanding and polishing to bring it to finish the look. It is important to count in when you budget this material for your next project. The cost of sanding and polishing can be quite expensive in addition to material supply itself. Most of the time, a timber floor installer will be able to do sanding and polishing as one contract job.


One of the advantages of the timber flooring is this is solid timber, and it has an advantage where you can fix minor damages and scratches over time with sanding and polishing to bring the floor back to a brand new look. It generally could be spot fixed as well, without spending on replacing all covering, as sometimes could be necessary with other floor covering types.


Timber is not too difficult material to look after. Nowadays, many cleaning products available on the market for timber flooring care and maintenance. Just water is far not recommended as this is timber, and excess of water can damage it.  


Timber flooring is a great floor covering option. It provides an extreme range of styles to suit any taste. It is solid material and natural too, which is especially important for a health and environment. It is easy to care and fix if it gets damaged.  

Engineered timber flooring


What engineered timber is?

Engineered timber flooring is made from a composite of natural timber as a top layer. It is called a veneer that sits on a base, usually a cheaper material such as plywood or particleboard. Same as a natural timber board, an engineered timber gives wide multiple choices of styles to a consumer.

Engineered timber generally significantly cheaper than solid timber floorboards. This is an ideal material for those who are looking for a wooden floor covering but on the budget.

Because it made from natural wood, the boards can be renewed over time. In some cases, it can be sanded and re-coated with new top layer lacquer finishing. It would depend on the particular floor brand and veneer thickness of each model.

Where can you use engineered timber boards?

Engineered timber boards come to different sizes and in some manufactures offers different installation type, such as chevron or herringbone. It has a few know installation types, click locks system and tongue and groove system.    

Engineered timber can be installed as floating or direct stick flooring, secret nails can be used for selective timber types and special installation areas. This flooring material expands in seasons and will require an expansion gap.

The timber can be played in any room and kitchen. It is not suitable for wet areas, because it is timber and will be damaged by water. The hard-wearing protective coating makes engineered timber flooring a great choice even for a high traffic area.

Engineered wood care and maintenance

Engineered timber flooring is easy to look after, Simple sweeping with a soft broom or vacuum cleaning with timber flooring attachment is the best options. All liquid spills should be removed immediately to avoid water penetration into the timber and floorboard core. When you need to deal with more robust dirt or stains, the damp cloth or mop can be used, with wiping off any water access.

Engineered timber is a great flooring option for those who want little extra luxury than laminate flooring but does not want to care any overheads with a huge budget and prices of 

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