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Post your article, blog, or press release on Flooring Domain. We charge only an administrative fee of AUD 5.50 per article, which covers the cost of reviewing, adjusting, and submitting your content for search engine indexing.

The administrative fee helps us maintain the quality of content on our website and ensure that all posts meet our standards for publication. Our team of experts reviews each article and optimizes it for search engine rankings, which can improve the visibility and reach of your content online. By charging a nominal administrative fee, we can continue to provide high-quality guest posting services to our clients while keeping our platform accessible and affordable.

Your article will be posted on our website for a lifetime.

Boost your SEO with our article and backlink submission services. We understand the importance of gaining quality backlinks to improve website rankings, and Flooring Domain can provide you with this solution. We welcome all types of collaborations and are happy to accommodate your quality, unique blog post, article, or press release with a do-follow backlink to your nominated project.

Why post your Article with us?

  • Deal directly with website owners.
  • Your link stays forever.
  • We index your article in search engines.
  • We optimize your article for better SEO.
  • We support your article with outsourced backlinks.
  • Your link will be do-follow.

What do we allow in articles?

  • Brand anchors (e.g., Flooring Domain or BLEEN)
  • Naked URL (e.g.,
  • Miscellaneous anchors (e.g., click here or read more)
  • Targeted keyword and phrase anchors (e.g., SEO Consultancy)
  • Location-based anchors (e.g., Gold Coast SEO Company)

What niches can we accept articles for?

  • Floor Covering
  • Tradesman
  • Building and Construction
  • Home Improvement
  • Tools and Machinery
  • News
  • Product and its reviews
  • Other topics can be posted on

What articles and posts are NOT accepted?

  • Adult
  • Drugs
  • Gambling (however, we can discuss a casino flooring or renovation topic)
  • Anything else illegal

Article text and requirements:

  • Minimum word count of 500 (recommended)
  • 100% unique text
  • Photo of your choice
  • Backlinks: We allow one do-follow backlink per article.
  • We do not mark your publishing post as sponsored or advertising.
  • Link intersection is not available with us.
  • We may add one or two backlinks to our inner pages or other resources to make posts more search-friendly.

Payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card via PayPal

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How to post your article, blog, or press release:

1. Sign up for Flooring Domain or Log in and navigate to the articles page.

2. Log in and navigate to the articles page.

3. Click "Add Article" or "Gallery."

4. Add your article.

5. Make payment. We will send a PayPal invoice or payment link.

6. An admin will check and post your article within 24-48 hours.