About Us

The most frustrating thing people experience when searching for reliable flooring services is going from door to door only to be disappointed. Sometimes, legitimate flooring companies and professionals such as yourself end up losing business because of customer skepticism and past negative experiences.

Flooring Domain was founded to eliminate the uncertainty associated with looking for flooring installations, repairs or maintenance. We’ve created an extensive database of flooring service contacts, ranging from material suppliers to maintenance experts. As a business listed on the domain, you stand to gain an influx of customers looking for precisely what you have to offer.

One Online Platform, Many Options

Our directory offers convenience, with a set process for linking customers to the flooring specialists they require for their project. Instead of going through link after link in their search engine results, they’ll log into Flooring Domain and follow the easy prompts provided – which may lead them to your business. It’s reliable, easy-to-use and contained.

We Place Our Clients At An Advantage In Multiple Ways

As a business listed on Flooring Domain, you have a leg up in the market, we make it easy for right customers to find you. Other advantages include:

     Easy-to-use settings that allow you to make the most of the platform for your business

     Direct requests for jobs in your field or line of interest

     An additional platform for marketing and advertising on top of what you already have

     Less time spent looking for leads, more time spent doing the actual work

     Direct contact with prospective customers

     Contract-free and obligation-free service

     No joining fee or continuous fees

What To Expect From Our Way Of Doing Things

We use a simple 3-step process to put customers into contact with professionals that provide the products or services that they need. It’s quick, efficient and results-oriented, so they don’t have to spend an eternity searching to no avail.

Step 1: Customer Posts A Project On Our Website

Customers will start by listing what they require from a service provider.

Step 2: You Generate A Quote Estimate

We’ll match incoming requests to the relevant businesses, and you’ll then be able to generate a quote based on what the customer needs. We’ll then send it to them for comparison.

Step 3: The Customer Decides Which Flooring Expert Suits You Best

According to what your quote entails and what you have to offer, the customer will choose the professional that speaks to their budget and expectations. Because we’re so selective in how we match customers to businesses, you have a good chance of getting chosen.

Join Flooring Domain & get your business booming today.

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