• What is laminate flooring?

    Laminate flooring is a multiplayer board, made from different materials. The top layer covers the printed layer design and the base layer of laminate flooring made from a combination of byproducts of wood and resin mixture. Usual thickness is available from 6 mm to 12 mm for this type of floor-covering.

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  • What is hybrid flooring?
    Hybrid planks are the new flooring trend. It is water, scratch, and stain-resistant planks, combining the best from both vinyl planks and laminate boards, Hybrid planks the first rigid floating floor covering that suitable for "wet" areas of any home. 
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  • How to clean laminate flooring?
    Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions for all laminate floors. The best practice is to sweep or vacuum up loose dirt, work in the direction of the floorboards to help catch debris between the groves. Wipe off any liquid spills immediately. For a more heavy stain and dirt, removal uses light damp mopping, if simply wiping is not enough. Try to avoid overly wet mopping, which can result in water access. For the best result hire a professional floor cleaning contractor 
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  • How to lay laminate flooring?
    When laying the laminate flooring, an underlayment will have to be rolled out first over a smooth and clean surface before installing the first row, moving from right to left. The last plank of the first row (which needs to be cut off to fit the remaining space) will serve as the first plank you’ll install in the succeeding row. To avoid costly mistakes, hire experts to install your flooring system. 
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  • How to repair scratched wood floor?
    Timber flooring deserves good care to keep it in good shape. 
    Unfortunately, damages do happens. To repair any deep scratches in timber flooring is practically impossible with ut notice. One way or another, you will see repair spots. If you have decided to undertake a repair, you could try the next steps. 1. clean damages ara and remove any access of dirt and dust 2 Light sanding of the scratched area in the direction of the grain 3. Apply finishing coating over the prepared area. 4. Apply a wood floor refresher over the flooring to bring uniqueness area. 
    Contact timber floor repair contractors for the best result and discuss if repairs are appropriate. 
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  • What is bamboo flooring?

    Bamboo floor is made of bamboo plants. Manufacturing companies use several types to make bamboo flooring: stranded, horizontal and engineered methods. It is much harder than oak boards. This type of timber is very sensitive to water and moisture. High humidity will cause bamboo flooring expansion in many cases more than timber planks. Therefore it better to hire professional installation company to lay bamboo planks

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  • What are vinyl planks?
    Vinyl planks are designed to mimic hardwood. It is made in strips and came in different sizes. Flooring stores offer unlimited design choices for vinyl planks, that repeat almost all know timber species and umber of styles in finishing and colors. This is a 100% waterproof material that can be installed in wet and high humidity areas. Planks are great for homes, shops, and commercial spaces.   
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  • What is better linoleum flooring sheet or vinyl planks?
    It depends on where you want to install it. Linoleum seems to be a longer-lasting product compared to vinyl planks, even though vinyl is a cheaper option. Vinyl is cheaper and easier to replace or repair. The water damage can be much more significant to linoleum when it is not properly installed.
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  • Is vinyl plank better than laminate flooring?
    Vinyl is a longer-lasting material and better durability than laminate flooring. It is easier to replace and cheaper to buy. The cost of installation could be more expensive, on the other hand, for vinyl if you decide to install it as a glued method.  
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  • How to install hybrid flooring?

    Hybrid has a click-lock system and usually comes with the attached underlay. Hybrid flooring is installed as a floating floor. The installation of hybrid planks is very similar to laminate flooring. The boards are clicking together, creating one unique floor-covering surface. Hybrid requires to leave expansion gaps for boards contraction. These gaps can be covered by skirting boards or scotia quods beatings.  

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  • How to reduce sawdust when floor sanding?

    Sanding the floors will always produce sawdust. You can try to hire Floor Sanding contractor that has methods to minimize the dust issues. Ask floor sanding company if they use hipo filters when doing sanding and polishing. This will help to reduce dust to a minimum to the point where it is barely present and noticeable. If you are looking for reliable floor sanding services in Sydney, make sure they use proper equipment. 

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  • What are some common flooring materials?

    In Australia, the most common flooring materials include laminate, hybrid, engineered floorboards and vinyl planks.  

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