About Us

About us

Commercial Flooring

We are #1 Commercial Flooring Company in Australia. Save thousands of dollars on your commercial flooring, Adelaide. Commercial Flooring Wholesalers are Australia's most trusted commercial flooring company. We offer Australia wide shipping on Australia's most trusted brands of carpet tiles, vinyl flooring and hybrid flooring.

Carpet Tiles

Our carpet tile range includes carpet planks and carpet squares in modern designs. We have commercial carpet tiles to suit every application and budget.

Vinyl Flooring

Our Vinyl floors come in traditional vinyl sheets, vinyl planks and vinyl tiles. Unquestionably the most popular product available in the industry today, contact our team for your Vinyl Flooring needs.

Hybrid Flooring

We offer a range of totally waterproof premium hybrid vinyl flooring options to suit your needs. Available in hybrid planks and tiles, our hybrid flooring range has got you covered. Australia Wide Commercial Flooring

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