Carpet price guide

  • Carpet installation cost per square meter?

    How much doe it cost to lay new carpet?  

    In mos of the cases carpet layer or flooring company will charge carpet installation prices per sqm, not by hour. The installation price will depends on many factors and will be different from job to job and vary state by state.  Carpet laying cost will also depends on type of material you want to lay and the area you want to cover too. According to carpet layers registered at Flooring Domain, the carpet laying price starts from $22/m2 Check carpet laying cost guide on this page for more information  

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  • Carpet price per square metre
    Carpet prices will vary depending on several factors, including but not limited to the texture, pile in-depth, the weaver, and of course, material is made of (for example, wool, cotton, polyester, etc.). You need to choose material depends on the installation area and usage conditions. The installation area will also affect the price range.
    The carpet cost can be compared in three categories: Budget, Middle range, and Luxury.
    In general, the average carpet price per m2 is around $55. You find cost starts from around $18m2 to $105/m2 in Australia
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