Flooring cleaning Gold Coast

Every type of flooring requires maintenance and cleaning. Some floor is easier to clean than others. Vinyl planks are one of the easiest covering to clean because it is 100% waterproof, it can be literally be washed. Laminate flooring becomes more complicated to clean. Most laminates are not waterproof and can be easily damaged if cleaned with water. When it comes to timber flooring cleaning, it gets more complicated. In most cases, to keep a wooden floor looks like a new, you would require professional equipment. This better to leave for a professional flooring cleaner form Gold Coast. They usually service all surround suburbs.

In general, you need to care for any floor covering types with essential maintenance.

Use a soft broom to sweep out any dirt, clean your flooring with a damp mop, and use the recommended cleaning solution from the manufacturer. Regularly apply a new coating of wax, to prevent top layer burnout and color changes where flooring opens to direct sun  


Some tips to prevent planks damage and reduce cleaning

Any water spills must be cleaned up immediately off the flooring

Not all cleaning products can be suitable for a different type of flooring. Check manufacturer cleaning guide, to be sure what you can use

wipe off any food drops to reduce and avoid stain spots form

Do not push or drag furniture over the floor and install protection pads for its legs 


If you are looking to clean other types of floor, you may be interested in checking floor tile cleaners in Gold Coast or find rug and carpet cleaning Gold Coast

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