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Install hybrid flooring in kitchen

Offers accepted by 24.02.2021
Contractor: 689 PTY LTD pro
Looking for someone to install hybrid flooring in kitchen. Rest of house installation is complete, already have the flooring for kitchen so just looking for installation. Floor prepped when rest of house done.
Approx measurements 3mx1.5m, plus whatever area a fridge takes up, outside those stated measurements.
Best contact via email listed. Available weekdays until noon, plus weekends

Tell us about flooring type

  • Hybrid

Do you require old floor removal?

  • No

What type of floor installation you request?

  • Floating

Tell us what type of finishing you require?

  • Not sure


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  • Alderley
  • One-off Job
  • 17.02.2021 in 14:32
  • before 24.02.2021
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