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7000 AUD

Floor installation and slab levelling

7000 AUD
Offers accepted by 28.06.2020
Contractor: Sydney Floor Installers pro
Renovation completed, we just need floor master to finish it off. I need you to install floating engineered spotted gum flooring for my home. 4 bedrooms, living room, dining and kitchen. the new kitchen is in place but will be finished with kick-boards and end panels after a new floor has been installed. The skirt boards will be installed by cheapies aster new flooring laid too. Flooring supplier measured floor and we ordered to install 172m2
I am paying top $ and expect very professional spot-on installation including floor leveling.

Tell us about flooring type

  • Engineered

Do you require old floor removal?

  • No

What type of floor installation you request?

  • Floating

Tell us what type of finishing you require?

  • Not required


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  • Sydney
  • One-off Job
  • 14.06.2020 in 14:42
  • before 28.06.2020
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