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Bamboo flooring replacement Oxenford, Gold Coast

Negotiated price
Offers accepted by 31.07.2020
We had a flood in the house, our bamboo flooring all swollen and picking. We need flooring installation companies experienced in bamboo flooring installation, to quote on removing old floor, supply and install new floating flooring. We also require to supply matching squads and trimming plates to cover wall gapping.
We are ready to do this any time now.

Tell us about flooring type

  • Bamboo

Do you require old floor removal?

  • Yes

What type of floor installation you request?

  • Floating

Tell us what type of finishing you require?

  • Install Scotia beading over existing skirting


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  • Oxenford
  • One-off Job
  • 17.07.2020 in 08:19
  • before 31.07.2020
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