Zooming Into 5 Different Types of Laminate Flooring to Consider for Your Home

Laminate flooring is an umbrella term for human-made flooring materials that imitate natural materials that can be used in construction. It can come in a variety of designs and types, so choosing the one that works for you can be a daunting task. The right kind of laminate flooring for you will depend on factors such as the installation process, texture, the material it imitates, AC rating and more. As such, there are scores to choose from. In this blog, we focus on five types of laminate flooring that you can get on the Gold Coast.

#1 - High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Flooring

If you’re looking for a flooring solution that offers excellent quality and quick installation all in one, this is it. HPL flooring is manufactured using multiple layers of decorative material and durable resins, which are melded together using high pressure (7 000 kPa - 10 000 kPa) and temperature (137°C - 160°C) levels. The panels come in click-lock installation style. HPL is ideal for building raised floors to protect valuable equipment.

#2 - Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL) Flooring

LPL flooring is pretty much the same as HPL, but the difference lies in how it’s made. The manufacturing process doesn’t rely on high-pressure levels (2 000 kPa - 3 000 kPa), but the temperature is higher. It also doesn’t require adhesives. The cheaper cost of manufacturing means LPL is less expensive than HPL, but it’s just as effective.

#3 - Textured and/or Wood Grain Laminate Flooring

Textured laminates imitate hardwood, which make for a realistic finish. These are some of the most popular types of laminate flooring there is. They come in a wide variety of designs and colours and are ideal for homes with lots of foot traffic from adults and children.

#4 - Fire-Rated Laminate Flooring

As the name suggests, fire-rated laminate flooring complies with fire safety codes. Both HPL and LPL are fire-resistant, and so are ideal for home and commercial use.

#5 - Water Resistant Laminate Flooring

Waterproof laminates are easy to clean and less likely to expand and contract from coming into contact with moisture. This makes them durable, with hassle-free maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for a specific style, pattern, or ranking, we have a selection of suppliers on our books who’ve got what you need. The options are endless when it comes to laminate flooring on the Gold Coast. All you have to do is look in the right place. Sign up to Flooring Domain today.

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