Unusual Flooring And Floor Coverings

Most floor coverings are pretty standard. You will find a mixture of vinyl flooring, carpet or tiles in most houses and businesses. These are all very well and good, but sometimes you feel like something a bit different. If you love exploring unusual styles and experimenting with flooring, here’s a guide for you.

Leather Flooring

This flooring type is one that is most definitely not for the eco-conscious homeowners or the vegetarian! Having an entire room’s floor coated in leather may seem like a wild indulgence. And to be fair, it is. A pretty interesting way to do it is to get hold of as many old leather belts as you can and glue them to your substrate. This will create a beautifully textured and unique floor. Be aware that it most likely won’t be waterproof, though and very costly!

Tiles And Bricks

A beautiful way to floor an outside area is to match up tiles and bricks. Get some old red bricks and source some pretty tiles to go in between them. Place them in any pattern you like, but herringbone works well. This adds a dimension to a floor that is seldom seen. You can also do this as a feature piece on an interior floor. Try solid cement screed with a feature tile and brick section.

Coin Flooring 

This is a real statement floor, and may not even cost you anything for the actual covering. Copper coins can be found everywhere. In all countries, they seem to end up in between couch cushions and lost in collecting jars. Why not collect them and cover a floor or feature piece of a floor with them? Coin flooring has to be glued down and glazed, but it makes for a beautiful floor. Try making a feature in a solid cement screed. 

Timber Growth Circles 

We all love timber flooring, but have you ever considered cutting planks across to reveal the growth rings? Small squares of flooring can be used from timber planks to create an interesting floor that represents all the trees that went into it. Cutting across instead of along gives the wood a totally different look. You could even source bigger, older bits to add interest and diversity to your growth ring floor.

Are these tickling your creative juices? Have fun on your next flooring project with these ideas. If you need more inspiration, contact our experts at Flooring Domain, and we’ll help you get started.

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