The Four Most Popular Decking Types

External decking can make or break and outdoor entertaining space. Whether you are looking to deck an external patio or around a pool or spa area, you want to ensure you choose the right decking that suits your needs.

We have detailed our top 4 decking types to help you decide which decking is right for you. 

Hardwood decking 
Suitable for: Those seeking the premium decking option

Hardwood decking is the premium decking option for those looking for a high-end finish. Hardwood options such as cedar and redwood have a beautiful appearance as well as resistance to rot and insects. Hardwood decking requires regular ongoing maintenance and staining to maintain its appearance and function to avoid fading and cracking. 
Treated Pine decking
Suitable for: those seeking a versatile, hardwood look with a smaller budget

Treated pine decking is a cost-effective alternate choice to hardwood decking. Treated pine can be stained to achieve the look you are after and will need to be treated on a yearly basis. It is easy to work with and a lightweight, yet durable decking option. 

Composite decking
Suitable for: Those looking for a lower cost alternative to hardwood

Composite decking gives the best of both worlds as a combination of plastic and wood fibres to give the wood look without the maintenance. The plastic coating helps to prevent mildew growth and the durable material is made to resist warping. Available in a variety of colours and styles with the look of wood you love. The downside is dark colours can get hot and can be slippery when wet. 

Modular decking 
Suitable for: those looking for an easy installation decking option

Modular decking consists of real timber boards made into panels and laid as pieces. The prefabricated nature of modular decking makes it easy to install. It generally comes in a kit with the pre-assembled frames and panels which you will put together like the pieces of a puzzle. As other timber and pine decking, it will require yearly maintenance and staining. As the modular decking comes prefabricated, the costs can be higher than other decking options. 

Choosing the right decking for your external areas can make the difference to your outside living spaces. Consider the look you are after and the regular maintenance you are prepared to put in when choosing the decking type for your external space.    


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