The Five Most Popular Floor Tiles on The Market

Floor tiles are a widely popular flooring option in Australian homes. With our warm climate, floor tiles can go a long way to keeping your hoe cool in the summer months. Their high durability means they will generally outlast any other flooring option, especially in high use areas. They are cost-effective, non-allergenic, hard wearing and water resistant, just to name a few advantageous properties.

So which floor tile is right for your home?


Suitable for: those seeking high durability

Porcelain is a popular all-purpose tile with its ability to look like other natural materials such as stone, brick, marble or wood without any of the upkeep! Both stylish and practical, porcelain tiles are popular for both floors and walls, and are durable, tough and a breeze to clean. Available in both glazed and unglazed finishes with a matte, textured or glossy finish available. 


Suitable for: those looking for a cost-effectives, long lasting tile solution

Ceramic tiles made from clay and baked in a kiln are suitable for many areas within a home such as kitchens and bathrooms due to their high durability and water-resistant material. It is both highly durable ad easy to clean, making it an adaptable tile that can be used in many places around the home. They will outlast any other material making them an excellent, long-term investment.


Suitable for: those looking for the premium floor tiling option
Natural stone is by far, one of the most show stopping tiles you can add to your home. Stone tiles present true luxury and will set the tone for your home. Natural stone tiles include marble, slate, travertine and quartz and sit at the higher price point of the floor tile options. They are more difficult to lay than ceramic and porcelain tiles so you will incur additional tile laying costs. 


Suitable for: high use areas requiring scratch resistance
Granite tiles are a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive marble tile, with a similar look. It has a dense appearance due to the speckled minerals throughout the rock. It is suitable for kitchens and other high traffic areas as one polished, has good anti scratch resistance.


Suitable for: those seeking the earthy, rustic look to their home

Terracotta tiles are widely known for their earthy look and their high durability as a floor tile. Available in earthy shades of red and brown, they can be used as both and indoor and outdoor tile to add that rustic look to your home.

The floor tile you choose will be an investment you will appreciate for many years to come.   

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