Local flooring contractor from the Gold Coast; Interview with an owner and operator of 689 PTY LTD

Posted on 07.08.2020


689 PTY LTD offers flooring services for residential and commercial customers. The company specialises in flooring including installation, repairs, floor sanding and polishing.



Local flooring contractor from the Gold Coast; Interview with an owner and operator of 689 PTY LTD, image 1



Please tell us about yourself.


My Name is Alex and I am a flooring expert and the owner operator of 689 PTY Ltd.

I began working in the trade industry in 2002 after moving from Russia to New Zealand. Working as a contractor, my first job was that of a plasterboard installer. Over the years I developed various trade skills and knowledge by exploring and pursuing different opportunities with different building professionals. This included the flooring industry where I have continued to apply my trade and work in an industry I am passionate about. I have been extremely fortunate to have been involved in several business projects over the years including flooring and construction and I’m excited to continue my journey for years to come.



Why are you in this business?


The flooring industry can be challenging, but also extremely rewarding and this is something I enjoy about the industry. Seeing the impact we can have on people and businesses through our trade is incredibly appealing and I enjoy being able to share my passion with others by providing flooring services and expertise for those who have projects in mind.



How did you get started in this business?


2017 was a big year, and a big change for our family. After living in New Zealand for 15 years, I later decided to move to Australia’s Gold Coast in 2017. I considered many opportunities when settling into a new place, both being an employee or having my own business. Making a decision wasn’t easy, but it was at this time I decided to take my skills and experience having worked in the flooring industry and start my own company – 689 PTY Ltd.


How long have you been in the flooring industry or other related trade businesses? 


Starting back in Russia at 19 years old, I became a self-employed entrepreneur, making my living in wholesale and distribution company. With the move to New Zealand and Australia, I have spent 18 years in the construction industry with 12 of those years focussed on flooring.



What services does your company provide?


When 689 PTY Ltd first started, our services were tailored towards flooring installation and repairs. As my business grew and developed, I was able to invest in further equipment, and extend my services to include floor sanding and polishing services. Today, 689 PTY Ltd is pleased to offer a wide variety of floor services and act as a one stop shop for all flooring requests. Some of our services can include the sale and supply of flooring materials, installation and repairs on all types of flooring, removal of old floor coverings, professional flooring preparation and levelling and many more. We welcome any requests you may have.  


Please tell us about your team?


689 PTY Ltd is an owner operator business. Being a small business, we are usually contracted to smaller scale jobs. However, we do subcontract reputable and reliable help from top level flooring experts when we are involved in larger flooring projects.



Where is your business located and what areas do you serve?


The Gold Coast was an attractive place to move, and one that my family and I had a lot of interest in when we shifted from New Zealand. 689 PTY Ltd is a locally based flooring company on the Gold Coast, but we expand our services to include a much larger catchment area. We are happy to provide our services from Brisbane to Tweed Heads, and the surrounding areas.



How would you describe your target market and customers?


We mainly deal with residential customers, but we welcome the opportunity to be a part of any flooring project, big or small. We do have a few larger businesses who we contract to on a regular term in the commercial sector. We are happy to contract to any flooring market, residential or commercial.



Why should your customers select you over your competitors?


689 PTY Ltd is all about the customer and understand that customer satisfaction is the number one priority. With that in mind we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service with any job we are a part of. Every job is unique in its own way and we put a lot of focus and time into the job to ensure it is delivered to an exceptional standard. Our workmanship is professional, and our results are of the highest quality. We are fully insured and will happily provide an appropriate warranty on each job.



What support do you provide customers?


We take a lot of pride in our work and philosophy that customer satisfaction is the number one priority. As such, regardless of customers questions or issues, if such arise, we are always more than happy to investigate and fix any problems that may present themselves. You will always receive a reply from us, so making contact is never an issue. We are only too happy to be there to assist our customers, answer their questions and help in whatever way we can, even after the sale or job has been completed.



Where do you see your business in the next year and in the future, 5-10 years from now?


We are very much interested in continuing to grow our business not in size but by reputation. We always put value in our workmanship and our goals are to continue to deliver high quality, professional flooring jobs completed to an exceptional standard. We intend to continue to deliver to this standard whilst further improving on quality by staying current with flooring developments in trade and through technology and equipment. In doing so, we hope to build further relationships with future clients whilst also building strong, long term relationships with suppliers. We are always striving to learn and grow within the industry. Currently are a Bona certified contractor and ATFA authorised flooring contractor and will continue to pursue flooring related recognitions as appropriate.



Do you have any further information about your company for clients wanting to know more?


For more information please visit our webpage: http://www.689.com.au/about-us/

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