Five Factors to Consider When You Plan Decking Your House


There’s a lot that goes into ensuring that any new construction or renovation work on your home is pulled off properly. From the early conceptualisation to the physical labour of turning ideas into reality, it can be a taxing journey. Take installing decking, for example. How do you know that you’ve selected the perfect material for the type of deck that you want? There isn’t a single best way to tell, but you can consider a few main factors before you decide.

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Here are some of the most essential elements that should go into making your final choice.


Money Matters – Decking price calculator

Different Qualities & Types Of Materials Come At Different Prices

First things first: there’s no project without money. You must be able to establish how much decking materials cost price as well as how much you can afford. Explore a variety of available materials and their qualities so that you can set a reasonable budget.


Choosing decking materials 

The Look & Feel Of Various Materials In Comparison To Your Style

Planning for your ideal deck doesn’t start and end with the issue of money. You also need to consider the existing structure and how you’d like the deck to complement it. Search for styles and designs that work for you in this regard. You don’t want to live with an eyesore for years to come.


Calculating decking timber size

How Big You Want The Finished Product To Be

The size of the deck you’re planning to install also matters when choosing materials, as this can affect how the final product looks and how much it costs. Take measurements and work with that when deciding on materials.


Finding deck builder 

What It Takes To Get The Actual Job Done

Building a deck takes some smart planning and precise workmanship. It’s not a ready-made product that you just plop in front of your house – your contractor has to measure and plan out the project in a skilled manner. What can you expect? The first step is to find good deck builder


Steps to build a new deck


The process can be separated into five main steps, namely:


·        Create A Workable Plan That You Can Refer To Throughout

The most important activity for kick-starting any construction project is planning. Consider anything that may need approval from local authorities or entail major changes to the design or underground layout of your home. Putting this down on paper allows you and your contractor to tackle each challenge efficiently.

·        Complete The Measurements & Layout

It all comes down to the numbers. Your contractor will measure all the dimensions of your deck so that they can establish what goes where beforehand. This makes the whole process easier once the building begins.

·        Install A Sturdy Foundation

You need a strong initial structure, on which the rest of the deck will be built. The contractor will start off by installing stumps and bearers, then take it from there.

·        Build A Support Structure For The Deck To Rest On

The next step is to make the foundation even stronger by adding support beams called joists. These will reinforce the structure so that it can hold the actual deck.

·        Lay The Deck

Once all the foundational work is done, all that’s left is to install the boards that make the decks. These can be fixed together using nails or adhesive material so that it never comes undone. All that will be left is the final touches.


Timber deck finishing and railing

Details Are Everything, So Make Sure The Finishes Are Sublime

There’s a variety of options available when it comes to finishing a deck. After the contractor cleans, then the final touches come in. There will have to be some sort of protective layer painted across the surface, especially if it’s made from a natural material, like wood. The different staining or painting options for your new deck may include:


Painting Your Deck With Latex Paint

This option allows you to choose a colour that you like, cover up faults in wood, and makes the deck last longer. If you’re not necessarily going for the natural look, this may be right for you. Just remember that most latex paint is permanent, so there’s no reversing your decision.


Staining Your Deck With Oil-Based Paint

This option enhances the natural look of the wood while still offering protection from the elements. If you’re a purist, this may be the one for you. Note that it doesn’t last as long as latex paint does or hide the flaws in the wood.


At the end of the day, you want a clean finish, so pay attention to how the contractor you hire pays attention to details. Don’t compromise, because you’ll have to live with it.

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