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Posted on 25.09.2019

Seven Ways That You Can Plan Ahead for Adding Carpets to Your House

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to make some changes and spruce up your home. Congratulations on your great decision, but now the real work of making it happen begins. The idea of a home renovation is inviting, and you will enjoy it – as long as you make sure that you’re adequately prepared before you embark on the journey. If you, like most Aussies, aren’t a flooring expert, this blog is for you. We put together some of our favorite advice on what you can do to plan if you’re thinking of adding a carpet to your house.

choosing carpet for home

Find A Trustworthy Contractor to Install the Carpet

There are so many flooring websites listing their services on the internet that it can be overwhelming or confusing to pick one. Do some research or sign up to a reliable platform like so that you can link up with flooring professionals that offer what you need.

Measure the House & Work Out an Accurate Budget for Your Needs

Once you’ve looked around for contractors and contacted a few, you’ll have received a few estimates that you can compare. Knowing the size of your house helps because it enables flooring contractors to do the numbers accurately. Use these factors to gauge how much you can expect to spend.

Choose A Material, Colour & Design That You’re Comfortable With

Every property owner has their own taste when it comes to styling a home. The carpet you choose to install can be an extension of your personality, so explore your options and only settle for something that truly reflects your character.

Check That Your Contractor Will Also Dispose Of The Current Carpet

Out with the old and in with the new. Chuck out the old carpet and decide if you want to re-sell it, give it away, or dump it. Whatever you do, consult with your contractor or an expert about the course of action that has the most value. You won’t have to do it yourself, as any contractor worth their swill also provide removal and disposal services.

Get Your Furniture Out Of The Way

Installing a floor of any kind requires that you shift all removable objects out of the affected rooms. This means you’ll have to find temporary storage for your furniture and décor so that it doesn’t obstruct your contractor.

Have Some Carpet Underlay Fitted To Set The Base

Before the actual carpet goes in, your contractor will need to install carpet underlay. This layer of material serves to cushion the rug and gives padding that allows the carpet to be stretched properly across the floor. In addition to this, carpet underlay also has acoustic value, specifically with regards to reducing noise in stairs and wooden floors. They also offer increased thermal insulation, so you’ll have an energy-efficient home as the seasons change. An adequately fitted carpet looks better, works better, and lasts much longer.

Chat To Your Contractor About Their Preparation & Finishing Process

More often than not you’ll need to fit the skirting boards first. These create a clean, straight edge for carpet fitters to work from, which translates to the final result. You may also need to do some subfloor cleaning, remove old trimming, or any other adhesives and bonding materials from your previous flooring.

Your contractor will also have to take some measurements to ensure that any necessary adjustments to floor height can be made. Give them the space and platform to do this if you want the best possible results. Also, ensure that any trimmings and finishes are neat and clean so that you’re not left with an amateur-looking job. 

What is next?

Get in touch with professionals to arrange your home inspection and discuss the installation options. Most of the shops will offer a free measuring quote and professional advice. Get a few samples and choose the carpet you like before you place the order.  

Contact local carpet shops to book your meeting.

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