Comparing Carpet Styles: Everything, Including Carpet Repair on the Gold Coast

No matter how much time goes by, carpet flooring is one of the trends that never seems to die down. Of course, different designs go in and out of fashion from time to time, but there’s always room for carpets in a home or commercial setting. Depending on the materials they’re made from, carpets come with a wide range of qualities, which determine their style category. Because we have carpet repair connections on the Gold Coast, we know quite a lot about these styles.

What Carpet Styles Are There & What’s The Difference?

There are two main types of carpet construction, namely cut pile and loop pile. What distinguishes them from one another are the methods used to attach the carpet fibres to the backing. These two construction methods define the style of a carpet and can also be mixed together to create hybrid forms with diverse surface effects.

Under Cut Pile Construction, Carpet Styles Include:

-       Velvet carpets

Velour and velvet are delicate carpet styles with relatively short pile length. The fibres on this style of carpet are loosely twisted, and the cut pile can vary in height.

-       Plush carpets

Plush fibres are twisted a little more tightly than velvet carpets, although this style is also quite delicate. The twist is kept through a setting process that may use steam or chemicals.

-       Saxony carpets

Not too far off from the rest of the cut pile family, Saxony style carpets are the epitome of luxury. The difference is that this style has higher pile length and tufts with flared tips.

These three styles are usually associated with luxury.

Under Loop Pile Construction, Carpet Style Include:

-       Tweed carpets

This style of carpet is characterised by thick fibres that are tightly looped on an even surface. They come in earthy colours laid out in streaky patterns.

-       Sisal or Cord carpets

Sisal style refers to heavy-texture carpets that look similar to a classic mat. The loop piles can either be the same height across the board or a series of fluctuating levels.

These comfortable styles are ideal for both home and work environments.

Carpet repair on the Gold Coast

It doesn’t matter what style of carpet you have; we can link you up with an expert in carpet repair on the Gold Coast. Sign up today.

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