Choosing Laminate Flooring For Your Kitchen Floor


You've decided to have a new floor installed in the kitchen as part of the renovation you've been dreaming of -- that's marvelous! There's nothing like a refresh of the kitchen -- probably the most used room in the house -- to boost your home's value and perk up your spirits. Redecorating any part of your home gives you a terrific lift, and choosing laminate flooring for the kitchen floor -- one of the most durable options on the market -- is a wise idea for several reasons. Here, we outline some of the chief advantages of selecting laminate flooring for your new kitchen floor:



1) It lasts really well. Laminate flooring is one of the most durable materials on the market today. It can take scuffs, spills, your pet's claws, and any sort of boisterous activity your kids throw at it. If yours is a busy household -- and really, whose isn't these days? -- laminate is probably the best choice available because it's so tough, and can withstand virtually all the punishment your family can dish out.


2) It's low maintenance. Unlike luxury wood, for example, laminate flooring boards is easy to clean and, just as importantly, easy to keep clean. Taking a broom to it for sweeping and then a quick sponge or mop for spills brings laminate right back to life. Even scuff marks from shoes and boots come off with very little effort, and laminate resists all kinds of other stains, too.


3) Laminate floor is cost-effective. If the budget for your kitchen redo is a big concern, laminate flooring is an excellent choice because it's economical. Let's say you have a total budget of $15,000 for your kitchen renovation. Choosing laminate -- and there are many varieties -- is a great way to save so you can, for example, put more money into new cupboards or appliances or another feature of the new kitchen.


4) It withstands lots of traffic. The kitchen is indeed the most used room in most homes, so you need flooring that stands up to just about anything. Laminate flooring does. Because it's so easy to clean, and you don't need any special products to wipe it down, lots of traffic won't damage the laminate at all. Laminate also stands up really well to moisture, this days, and that's particularly important to take into account when you're choosing a floor for the kitchen.


5) Plenty of variety. Laminate boards comes in plenty of styles, more so today than ever before -- lots of colors and designs. Peruse the many choices open to you before making a selection, and talk to your installation professional about the pros and cons of each one before making a final decision. You can get laminate that looks a lot like timber floor, but doesn't come with the constant maintenance and upkeep that real wood does. Save that splurge for a less-used area, like the foyer or living room. For the kitchen, choose laminate flooring, the product that looks like wood, but has none of the accompanying difficulties.


Before you make a final decision on your new kitchen floor, do lots of research and consider your family's needs. Talk it over with your flooring supplier, and be sure to hire a professional laminate flooring installer. Laminate flooring is a dream product for busy homeowners, but installing it can be tricky, and should be left to the experts. After all, you probably have more home redecorating to think about now that you've chosen your brand new laminate kitchen floor, right?


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