Contractor account

  • Completing contractor account

    It is very important to have your account completed in full if you are a contractor. There are two sectors you need to complete for your profile. 

    1. Account settings. This section displays all yours or your company information. Your contact details, location, flooring experience, and trade qualifications.  This information is necessary to list your profile into contractor's directories with the 

    2. Profile Information. This section displays your work experience and "About Us" information.  You can publish multiple work portfolios including photographs and or videos with the full description of work tasks under your skilled categories. There is also an optional price indication which is useful for customers to understand the price range you charge for the job you do. 
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  • Verification
    Verification is one of the most important steps for the contractor's account.  Being verified will show potential customers your business is valid and serious to do the flooring job for them.
    To be verified we require a copy of your company certificate. You can submit it via your account in the Verification section.  
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