What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

One of the most loved flooring options is Vinyl flooring planks. This option has been around for a while. These are considered perfect for enhancing the overall look of kitchens and bathrooms. Moreover, these planks are easy to install and are more durable than other options in the market, such as timber flooring. The unique polished look further allows the users to print any design without worrying about the tiles getting damaged, scratched, or dented in the long run.

Also known as luxury vinyl, this option comes in long strips rather than the traditional square shape. Moreover, vinyl planks installation is also quite easier and straightforward.

These tiles are a multi-ply product that offers four different layers:

The topmost layer of aluminum oxide

A transparent film layer for protection against scratches

A design layer with the print

The last layer made of a rigid base


Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Cost in Gold Coast

In general, laminate flooring or wooden floor is much more expensive than vinyl flooring planks installation. The cost of vinyl flooring material is very by quality. Overall the supply price range goes from $20 to $45 per sqm. Keep in mind that every flooring store will have its own price policy. Vinyl planks installation cost will usually be between $15 to $40 per m2. This would depend on the slab condition and method of installation. This is among the most inexpensive yet elegant options in the market. The vinyl flooring installation in Gold Coast is a trendy option.

Additionally, since these planks can easily be laid into position, the installation time is remarkably quick compared to other options. The expert vinyl installer can cover up to 70m2 a day. This is, of course, will be different from job to job and depends on the room's layout.

The easiest vinyl installation method is not dependent on any foreign bonding element and easily snap together when laid in an edge-to-edge and end-to-end position.


Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

This type of floor covering being knows as one of the easiest installation type. Vinyl planks usually have three methods of installation. 


Glue down

Loose lay

Click and lock 


Glue down method

It starts with spreading flooring adhesive evenly on a slab with an appropriate trowel following by dropping planks on to it. After planks have been laid, the vinyl flooring installer usually would apply a weighted roller over, time to time for better bounding. 


Loose lay method

This is a straightforward process. Luxury vinyl planks are placed on slab freely. There is no glue or any adhesive required for this vinyl floor installation method. However, some luxury vinyl planks manufacturer advising to apply a glue grid for any space longer than 4m, to create an anchor that will hold the flooring in place. 


Click and lock method

This type of installation becomes rarer these days. But if you decide to install, click, and lock vinyl plank flooring, it will be very similar to how you usually install laminate flooring. There is a difference however, between luxury vinyl planks vs. laminate flooring


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