Top Ten Benefits of listing your business with Flooring Domain

Posted on 21.01.2020
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The importance of marketing your business effectively in the current digital age cannot be ignored. Competition is fierce, and you need to do everything in your power to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. As a flooring business, one of the best things you can do is list your company with the Flooring Domain directory. Read on to discover the top ten benefits that are associated with doing this.

1. Increase website traffic – Traffic is essential if you are going to get any jobs through your website, and one of the best ways you can boost traffic to your site is by posting a link in a business directory. Business directories provide flooring companies with greater exposure to possible consumers and markets that you may find it challenging to target. Further, when it comes to your flooring business, you will gain more relevant traffic to your website if you list your business with an industry specific directory, rather than just a run of the mill directory.

2. Quality backlinks — When it comes to SEO, one of the most important things that you need to do is build quality backlinks. A backlink is simply an external link pointing to your website. One of the big problems that businesses have when it comes to backlinks is that they focus on quantity instead of quality. However, if you have an irrelevant link pointing back to your website, it is only going to hurt your business. For example, if you have a link pointing to your website coming from a cake shop in another country, this is not going to benefit your business in any way. It is important to monitor backlinks portfolio profiles to be sure that inks need to come from relevant websites that have a high domain authority, and this is exactly what you can expect when you list your business on a flooring domain directory.

3. Gather customer testimonials — Another benefit associated with listing your business on a business directory is the fact that you may be able to use this in order to gather customer testimonials. This is because a lot of the directories that are out there today give customers the ability to review and rate the performance of companies. Gathering online reviews has been shown to be critical as people are much more likely to listen to the opinions of others rather than being taken in by sales messages. Therefore, the more positive reviews that are posted about your business online on independent platforms the better.

4. Reach customers faster — In addition to the advantages that have already been discussed, another reason why you should consider listing your flooring business on a directory is because it is going to give you the power to reach customers faster. A lot of the directories out there today will sort out businesses and their listings based on location. This means that possible customers are going to find it a lot easier and quicker to find your business. If you are persistent with locating relevant and top quality directories, and posting your site details on it, you are going to build a competitive advantage that you have over your competition. Being present online and having your contact information available means that you are going to be much

more likely to be seen whenever customers do a search online for a business like


5. Improve your SEO ranking and online visibility — This is a benefit that is very much

linked to the earlier advantage that was mentioned with regards to building quality

links online. If you place a site link on as many relevant and quality sites as you can,

you are going to be able to improve your position in Google. One of the key factors

when trying to rank a site highly in Google, or any other search engine, is the number

of links that are pointing to a website. If you post your business details on highly

relevant directories, this is going to increase the number of high-quality links that are

pointing to your site.

All good businesses generate more links in order to improve their online authority.

This will not only boost your online exposure, but it will aid your SEO in the process.

Nevertheless, as touched upon, it is not a case of simply looking for as many

directories as you can find in order to list your business on. You need to make sure

that these directories are held in high regard, and that they are relevant to your

business field.

6. Increase customer interaction and brand recognition — Aside from the benefits that

have been discussed, another reason why you should make sure your flooring

business is listed on a flooring directory is because it will improve the interactions

you have with customers online and it will enhance the impact your brand has. After

all, when you start showing up everywhere (in Google, on directories, on Facebook),

it makes you look more trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. You have a lot

more to lose as you’ve put more effort into it and they’ll be more likely to hire you

rather than your competitor who just ran a yellow pages ad.

7. Increase revenue — At the end of the day, everything that we do in the world of

business is with the aim of increasing revenue. This is something that the Flooring

Domain directory, and possibly others, can certainly assist you with. After all, when

more people locate your website online, it increases the chances that they are

actually going to visit your site. This, then, increases the chances that they are likely

to make the most of your flooring services or purchase any of the flooring products

that you have available. This means that online business directories are good for

your bottom line, as they help you to attract more customers and increase your

revenue stream.

8. Professional appearance — You want everything about your flooring company to look

professional in the eyes of your consumers and potential consumers. A professional

appearance will boost your status, making customers more likely to use your

business. Online business directories can help your business to look like a

professional one. When a customer sees your company listing in a well-respected

flooring directory, they will deem your business to be a professional place to do

business as some of the respect for the directory will be passed onto your business.

Unlike a search that is carried out by Google or any other major search engine,

whereby there is little difference between legitimate sites relating to a topic and less

useful sites, online directories tend to contain legitimate and better-quality websites.

This means that consumers are going to be more likely to trust the sites that are

listed on online business directories.

9. Low-cost advertising — This is another benefit that is associated with your revenue

and the amount of money you can make. Using online business directories can make

your marketing spend go further, as this is one of the lower cost forms of advertising

available today. As a company owner, you will already know just how critical

advertising is. You know that it helps people to locate your company and to

recognise your name and brand. However, advertising costs money, and so one thing

you cannot afford to do is waste your funds on methods that are not effective.

Luckily, this is something you do not need to worry about with most directories.

Directories are cheap to join, and so there is little risk involved. In fact, there are

even some online business directories that allow you to list your website for free.

This eliminates risk while also boosting your profit levels, and so it is not difficult to

see why more and more people are making the most of business directory

advertising today.

10. Connect with the right people — Finally, this is the best way to connect with the sort

of customers you are looking for. It is a highly targeted form of market because you

know that anyone who is using a flooring directory is specifically looking for a

flooring company. This sort of targeting ensures that your time and efforts are not

being wasted on people who have no interest in your company and what you have

to offer.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits that are associated with listing your company

on a flooring domain directory. Not only will this act as another platform for you to get your

business’ name and contact information out there but you can also create quality links back

to your website, which is a major factor considered by Google when ranking your business

today. So, when you take all of this into consideration, it is not hard to see why listing your

business with a flooring directory like ours comes so highly recommended.

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